Women’s Rights in the Workplace A weekly conversation about workplace discrimination and the state of labor and employment law with Women’s Rights in the Workplace lawyer Jack Tuckner and his guests.

October 20, 2015  

Did you know that your wages can be garnished, your bank accounts and home can be seized, and even your driver’s license can be revoked due to back taxes? Join Jack & Deborah as they welcome to the show good guy tax attorney Allan R. Pearlman, who’ll provide insight, tips and “secrets” to avoid getting into boiling hot water with the taxman.

October 14, 2015  

Join Jack and Deborah and NYC-based civil rights attorney Phil Hines, Esq., a partner in the firm Held & Hines, LLP, where Phil concentrates his practice on civil police misconduct, correctional officer misconduct, false arrest, excessive force and malicious prosecution cases. In short, Phil represents the most vulnerable folks among us, such as his diabetic client who was incarcerated at Rikers Island for failing to make a child support payment, then denied essential medical care and his insulin pump, and ultimately hospitalized with permanent injuries.

Phil also represents transgender inmates who are sexually assaulted by correction officers or other inmates, in difficult lawsuits against the city or state. Learn the important filing deadlines and what to do if it happens to you.

September 24, 2015  

Join Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell as they discuss New York’s brand new Women’s Equality Agenda, which will soon provide many powerful and enhanced legal protections for working women facing sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and unequal pay.

April 29, 2015  

On the eve of the historic marriage equality arguments before the Supreme Court, Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell lead a discussion on the significance of the case, and what it means for the LGBT movement. Against this backdrop, Jack and Deborah are joined by Stefan Oxley and Karel Jaros to discuss the wider implications of any marriage equality decision by the Court, and a closer examination of LGBT anti-discrimination laws throughout the country, including in employment, public accommodations, and housing. 

April 23, 2015  

Can a company fire you for wearing a hijab at work? Can they make shaving your beard a condition of employment if you wear it for religious reasons? Can your employer, or a potential employer, use your criminal record or a prior arrest as a reason to fire you or as a reason to not hire you in the first place? Listen to employee rights advocates Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell answer these important and timely employment discrimination questions by downloading this episode.

April 14, 2015  


Join Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell as they interview Aleka Albert, a client of their firm who won punitive and compensatory damages from a Brooklyn jury at the end of her sexual harassment trial  against two Subway fast food restaurants in February. Aleka was subjected to quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment, so listen to her brave story of workplace sexualization at the tender age of 17, as Jack and Deborah explain the difference between the two kinds of legally actionable workplace “harassment” based on sex. 

April 7, 2015  

Can you be fired from your job while you’re out on disability leave? Does your employer have to hold your job while you recover from a car accident? What is disability discrimination?  Listen to Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell answer these and many more workplace discrimination questions. 

January 13, 2015  

Are you thinking about, in the midst of, or recovering from divorce? Feeling alone, scared and disempowered, afraid of the impact divorce will have on your kids, while you worry about how the stress of it all may affect your focus and creativity at work?  Join Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell as they interview Kimberly Mishkin, co-founder of SAS for Women, New York City’s first comprehensive divorce, information, education and support center for women.  It never feels like the right time, so learn how to prepare for divorce from a certified grief recovery specialist who’s been down that difficult road herself and knows how to empower and prepare you for your own journey out of a compromising and destructive marriage into the light of courage, choices and self-determination. Tune in, conquer your fears and take action. Listen to Kim’s wise and caring advice today.

January 6, 2015  

Considering quitting your job because it’s such a crazy hostile work environment you can’t stand it any longer? Just hold on long enough to listen to Jack and Deborah explain what the consequences may be of quitting, especially if you feel that you’re being discriminated against at work. "Constructive discharge" may not mean what you think it means.

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December 23, 2014  

Are you being discriminated against at work? Then you must listen to this show as Jack and Deborah lay out everything you need to know and do to protect yourself, your family and your job.

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