Women’s Rights in the Workplace A weekly conversation about workplace discrimination and the state of labor and employment law with Women’s Rights in the Workplace lawyer Jack Tuckner and his guests.

March 31, 2014  

Celebrate New York City’s brand new earned paid sick time law with women’s rights advocates Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell as they interview Sherry Leiwant, Esq., Co-President and Co-Founder of, A Better Balance (www.abetterbalance.org/web/), a legal team whose mission is to promote equality and expand choices for men and women at all income levels so they may care for their families without sacrificing their economic security.  Sherry and her colleagues at ABB were instrumental in the drafting and passing of NYC’s paid sick time law, which guarantees up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year for an additional 1.2 million people working in NYC.  


March 24, 2014  

Step up and fight for your right to be equal, along with Women's Rights in the Workplace advocates Jack Tuckner and Deborah O'Rell, as they discuss the global War on Women, and then consult on-air with a female bartender calling to ask how to handle a sexually harassing male manager.

March 18, 2014  

Continuing the commemoration of Women's History Month, join the lively discussion as women's workplace rights advocates Jack Tuckner & Deborah O'Rell discuss the progress of sexual harassment law in the 23 years since Anita Hill testified against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.  

March 13, 2014  

Experience a lively discussion with women's rights in the workplace advocates Jack Tuckner and Deborah O'Rell as they commemorate International Women's Day 2014, by celebrating the accomplishments of feminism while highlighting the work that still needs done in the areas of domestic violence and rape culture, gender pay disparity, attacks on pro-choice policies, the devaluation of motherhood and the lack of women in leadership positions. 

March 4, 2014  

Corporations are protected as "persons" under the US Constitution, women, not so much. It's been a long struggle for social and economic equality and there many challenges still ahead. Join Women's Rights in the Workplace advocates Jack Tuckner and Deborah O'Rell in their first of four shows celebrating Women's History Month.