Women’s Rights in the Workplace A weekly conversation about workplace discrimination and the state of labor and employment law with Women’s Rights in the Workplace lawyer Jack Tuckner and his guests.

June 24, 2014  

Meet the founder of Feminist.com!  Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell interview Marianne Schnall, a highly regarded journalist who has been at the forefront of issues related to women’s leadership for decades.  She has interviewed everyone from Maya Angelou to Melinda Gates and most recently, President Jimmy Carter and Arianna Huffington as part of her ongoing coverage that has been featured in publications ranging from Huffington Post to Time and O, the Oprah Magazine.


Marianne’s first book was Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness and Finding Your Own Voice, which included a collection of interviews of reputable women leaders and which inspired the format of What Will it Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership & Power, which was built around the question posed by her 8 year old daughter following the election of President Obama.


Marianne is also founder of Feminist.com, which was started in 1995 working with a team of influential women and organizations, and is currently working to grow her book into a larger movement and organization to harness the ideas of the women and men she has interviewed and to advance the cause of women’s leadership in partnership with Political Parity and other national organizations across the country. 


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